Nanceís photography

For those of you who donít know, I am an avid amateur/semi-professional photographer. I have taken pictures for the dedication of a local synagogue, a 50th wedding anniversary party and have had two of my nature photos included in photography collections. I prefer photographing nature but am getting use to photographing humans as well. Nature is just less disappointed if you donít get a good picture!!† I have been taking a ton of photos at work but unfortunately canít post most of them out of respect for the kidsí privacy. Enjoy the photos below and if you would like to inquire about purchaseóclick here!†

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The above pictures are from the vigil at the Seattle Center Fountain after 9/11. To see more of these please click here.

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These pictures represent my first attempts at radically altering my original photos. The effects were created by changing the RGB curves in the originals and adjusting other light and color related settings.

These photos are from the Simhat Torah celebration and dedication of our new Torah at The Jewish Day School where I work. 10/12/06