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We are assuming that all of you know at least one or the other of us but not all of you know both of us. It is our hope that this page will help you to get acquainted with the one you don’t know and perhaps better acquainted with the one that you do already know. If there is anything you think we missed, send us an email and we will add it! - Nance and Steve   

These were written for our wedding in 2005. For more up-to-date news, read our Year End Letter.



Nance was born in Pittsburgh, PA on June 4, 1967 to Ray and Bette Morris. She grew up in the North Hills area of Pittsburgh and graduated from Pine Richland High School in 1985. She attended Randolph Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, VA where she did her Junior year in England at the University of Reading and Oxford University. She majored in European History and Russian Studies and graduated Cum Laude, with Departmental Honors in History and Phi Beta Kappa. Nance has worked in a variety of places but mostly in medical office management up to beginning her Master’s work in Fall 2003. She worked for Wallingford Family Practice for 8 years. She has lived, since graduation, in Maryland, Northern Virginia, Montana and for the past 9 years in Seattle, WA. In 1997 Nance embraced Judaism and has been extremely involved in her community and with studying since that time. She received a Master of Arts in Jewish Studies from the  Graduate School at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Now, the Seminary is in Manhattan and Nance is in Seattle. JTS has an excellent Distance Learning Program that offers a Master’s in Jewish Studies and a Master’s in Jewish Education.  Nance worked as Shamash at Congregation Beth Shalom for three years. Traditionally a Shamash would walk through the Jewish neighborhood and knock on the doors of all the men in the morning to awake them for services. The Shamash was also responsible for the upkeep of the synagogue and the announcing of special prayers or readings. As Shamash, Nance organized the daily services, led services at least once a week, organized readers for the weekly Torah portions and provided support and information to those who attend the services. Nance is still leading services and doing part of her former job as a volunteer as the job was eliminated. Nance now tutors privately as well as working full time at The Jewish Day School of Seattle in Elementary School Judaics.  She is also in charge of the 6th Grade Family Minyan at CBS—this is a learner’s minyan for the pre-b’nei mitzvah year. She has also taught theology to high school students and Hebrew to a variety of ages. Nance loves teaching and hopes to continue teaching, both adults and kids, about Judaism’s practice and theology for many years.  Becoming a Rabbi has been an aspiration but will take back burner for a few years since Nance hopes to have a kid or two and isn’t getting any younger.  Other than her parents her immediate family also includes older sister Colleen, baby brother Scott, Ray’s wife Ginger and her cat Lolita.  She looks forward to adding Steve’s family members to that list and is sorry to not have had an opportunity to be a daughter-in-law to Steve’s mother, Evelyne זייל.

Steve was born in Seattle, WA on March 19, 1971 to Evelyne זייל and Norbert Adler. He grew up in the Lake City Area of Seattle in the home of his Oma (grandmother) Bluma Mannhalt. He was an Eagle Scout and was active in sports in high school. He graduated from Nathan Hale High School in 1989. Steve grew up at Congregation Beth Shalom where he attended Religious school and was Bar Mitzvahed by Rabbi Ira Stone in 1984. His family has belonged to CBS since one year after its founding in 1968. He attended North Seattle Community College where he received an Associates Degree and then received his Bachelor’s from the University of Washington in Sociology. Steve has retail in his blood—his Oma and Opa owned a deli in Seattle that is still talked about to this day—and has worked in management for Fred Meyer, Target, Walgreen’s and CompUSA. He has been working as a District Manager for Frito Lay since 4/05. Both Steve’s parents and his grandparents are survivors of the Shoah (Holocaust). Steve’s immediate family also includes his sister Debbie and her husband Tod and their BEAUTIFUL daughters Jasmine and Eliana.

So, how did Nance and Steve meet. Well, to hear Steve tell it they met in 1998 at Beth Shalom when Nance was called up to the Torah for the first time during services and caught his eye. Nance has no recollection of this meeting (though it has been verified by the person that he asked about Nance) as she was busy being excited about her first aliyah and was also dating some other guy at the Steve didn’t bother introducing himself. Their next meeting, which Nance ALSO does not recall was at the Aufruf of Michele Yanow and Adam Shapiro the night before their wedding in 2002. Again, Nance was otherwise occupied and Steve did not introduce himself so it was again a one-sided meeting.


Nance became Shamash for Beth Shalom in October of 2002 and as part of her duties began to attend the Mincha/Ma’ariv services on Saturday evening. It was at this service at some time in October that Nance finally met Steve.  She was informed by his uncle, Guenter, that Steve was single. Now Nance wondered if Guenter was informing her of this on his own or if Steve had asked that he give her a nudge. A discussion at the service led to an email from Steve to Nance and Nance TRIED to start a conversation by replying and noting that she suspected he was a Seattle Sonics fan based on his screen name. Steve did not respond. Several weeks went by where Guenter would make some comment and Nance would attempt to interact with Steve but he was a bit shy. Finally, Hanukkah came around and Guenter invited Nance to a family Hanukkah party to which he assumed Steve was also invited. Steve denied being invited and Guenter, after some persuasion, finally got Steve to agree to come to the party. Nance suggested to Steve that they take only one car and the rest is history. Nance met most of Steve’s extended family on their first date and met his mother, at a second family Hanukkah party the following weekend, on their second! Good thing things worked out!


Nance was in the process of applying to go to Graduate School in Manhattan and was thrilled, as it became quickly obvious that this could be the real thing, to find out that JTS had a program whereby she could study for her degree mostly from Seattle. This made Steve happy too as he was wondering why he was bothering getting to know this woman who was about to leave town. 

So, for all you singles out there, next time you read in Dear Abby that you can meet people at your place of worship—BELIEVE HER!!! To honor having met at the Mincha service Nance and Steve will have their Aufruf at Mincha instead of on Shabbat morning.


(The above was written by Nance.)