Summer 2010

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Here are some pictures from 2010. Enjoy!

Links at bottom of page to Nance’s divrei Torah (sermons)


Steve with his father and sister in October.

Scott, Ginger, Dad, Colleen and I in April, 2010 at Dad’s house.

At the Aquarium with nieces Eliana and Jasmine

With Sidra and Brad Boshes in Las Vegas in August

Nance in December

Nance with high school classmates at a get together in April.

Steve, Ginger and my dad at Hoover Dam

Las Vegas—August 2010

Tom Jones!

Famous Sign

Hoover Dam

Nance and Steve in December

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Click here to read Nance’s d’var on the need for civil discourse and tolerance given on 9/11/2010


Click here to read Nance’s introduction to the haftarah on first day Rosh HaShanah about seeing all the good in our lives rather than focusing solely on the negatives.